Nylabone Chew 'N Floss Edible Dental Chew

Deep cleans between teeth. Veterinarian recommended. All natural; No plastic; No added salt. Developed by scientists and veterinarian,. Nylabone Chew 'N Floss edible Dental Chews, with a unique patent pending ridge design. Have extra surface area to scrape teeth clean and help to reach areas, that ordinary smooth dental bones might miss. With a fresh, baked-in flavor that is irresistible to dogs, these chews are fortified with chlorophyll, parsley and calcium. natural white calcium may appear on bone surface and does not affect product quality. If dissatisfied, return product with receipt to Nylabone for refund or replacement. The Quest Multi-Care Dental System brings together cleaning, flossing & breath freshening in three separate chews, all working together for a complete dental experience. Try each chew separately, or all three in the Quest Complete Dental Care Kit. Your dog will them all! Made in the USA.