Q. What is Food Center Curbside Express?
A. Food Center Curbside Express is a service which allows you to buy your groceries online and save you time. All you have to do is pull into one of the reserved parking spots next to the handicap parking, call or text the number listed and we will be out to load your groceries into your vehicle. Visit us at www.caldwellfoodcenter.com and schedule a date and time to pick up your order.

Q. How can I start shopping with Food Center Curbside Express?
A. Visit www.caldwellfoodcenter.com and click on “create an account”. Once your account has been created, you can use the Weekly Ad or Shop link to add items to your cart or you can search by item name.

Q. What do I do when I arrive at the store to pick up my order?
A. Just pull into one of the reserved parking spots next to the handicap parking and call or text the phone number listed on the parking sign. Your personal shopper will be out to load your groceries into your vehicle.

Q. Does Food Center Curbside Express deliver?
A. Sorry, we do not offer delivery at this time.

Q. What fees are associated with Food Center Curbside Express?
A. The first three orders for Food Center Curbside Express are service fee free. Beginning with the fourth order and beyond, there is a $5.95 fee per transaction regardless of how large your order may be.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum order amount?
A. No, you can order as little or as much as you like to take advantage of Food Center Curbside Express.

Q. How do I pay for Food Center Curbside Express Online shopping?
A. You may use a debit or credit card online to pay for your purchases.

Q. Can I use my EBT or WIC for Food Center Curbside Express?
A.  We are unable to accept government benefits including WIC and EBT as payment for Curbside Express Transactions.

Q. What is the provisional charge?
A. We temporarily authorize your card for the higher of $5.00 or 10% of the item total. It helps account for charges, final sales tax and items sold by the weight. As soon as your order is complete, we charge your card for the exact amount of your final order.

Q. Will Food Center Curbside Express work with my Digital Coupons?
A. Yes! If you use the same phone number to create your Food Center Curbside Express account that you used when enrolling in the Digital Coupon program, your account will automatically be synced with the Digital Coupon Account. If you entered a different number when creating your Food Center Curbside Express, or if you are not currently enrolled in the Digital Coupon Program, you will automatically be enrolled in the Digital Coupon program using the update number.

Q. What are the hours available to pick- up my order?
A. The pick-up times are between 10am – 7pm, Monday – Saturday.

Q. I received an email stating my groceries are ready for pick up prior to my schedule pick up time, can I pick up my order early?
A. You will receive 3 emails, a confirmation for your order, your order is in process of being picked, and the last email will state your order is complete and ready for pick up. Once you receive the final email you may pick up your groceries anytime between then and 7pm that day. All groceries must be picked-up by 7pm.

Q. How do I know that I will get high-quality, fresh product?
A. With each order, your personal shopper promises to select only the items that he or she would be proud to serve his or her own family.