Friskies Cat Food, Tuna, Wet, All Stages

Tempt your cat's taste buds with Purina Friskies Flaked With Tuna & Egg wet cat food. Real tuna and egg combine to create a delightful taste sensation, and the tender flaked texture is sure to please her palate. With essential vitamins and nutrients in every serving, you can feel good about serving this delectable recipe to your favorite feline. Open a pull-tab can of this Friskies wet cat food variety, and let the rich aroma lead her to her dish, all while knowing she's getting a meal that's 100% complete and balanced for the growth of kittens and the maintenance of adult cats. She'll love the small bites of yum in every serving, and you'll love giving her a meal that has her licking her dish clean and begging for more. With so much tasty goodness in each bite, this Purina Friskies Flaked recipe makes it easy to show your cat that you pay attention to her cravings for seafood flavors.