Friskies Cat Food, Dental Diet

Helps maintain dental health. 100% Nutritionally complete for adult cats. VOHC Accepted (Veternary Oral Health Council): Helps control tartar; Helps control plaque. Reduces plaque & tartar build-up by 25% vs leading dried cat food brands. Serve Friskies Dental Diet as a main meal every day. Over 80% of all cats will need dental care during their lifetime. Along with professional veterinary cleanings and regular brushing, feeding Friskies Dental Diet as a main meal everyday is an important step in helping to maintain your adult cat's dental health. Friskies Dental Diet combines a special formula with a larger kibble to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up by 25% versus the leading dry cat food brands to help keep your cat his best. Here's how Friskies Dental Diet works: Larger kibble and special formula lengthen chewing time. Longer chewing time increases cleaning effectiveness. Your cat may break the kibble into small pieces and mealtime may take longer, both of which ensure full products benefits. Helps maintain dental health by reducing plaque and tartar build-up with every bite. Like all Friskies products, Friskies Dental Diet is 100% nutritionally complete, and has the famous Friskies taste cats love. Friskies is formulated by cat care and nutrition specialists at the Friskies Nutrition Center.