Energizer Recharge Basic Battery Charger, Rechargeable Aaa And Rechargeable Aa Batteries Charger

Energizer Recharge Basic Battery Charger is the smart choice for saving money and batteries. Designed for convenience and versatility, this charger for batteries charges either 2 or 4 rechargeable AA batteries or AAA rechargeable batteries. This charging stand features 4 slots, and LED indicator so you can easily track charging progress. The auto shutoff feature helps prevent overcharging. Its compact design makes this batteries charger easy to store when not in use. It fully charges AA and AAA batteries in 12 hours. This Energizer battery charger also comes with 2 rechargeable AA Energizer batteries and a USB cord for charging. Get reliable power with Energizer, the world’s #1 rechargeable brand based on scan scales.