Carnation Instant Breakfast Complete Nutritional Drink, Rich Milk Chocolate

For the Carb Conscious. 0g Sugar added. Naturally and artificially flavored. 12 Servings. The delicious and nutritious way to fuel mind and body - while you watch your carbs. carnation Instant Breakfast for the carb conscious provides complete, balanced nutrition because it's packed with protein and 21 essential vitamins & minerals. And since it has no sugar added, it's a great way to watch carbohydrates. Protein - Provides amino acids necessary for the body's growth, development, and maintenance. Calcium - Builds strong bones and teeth. Vitamin C - Helps maintain immune system function and healthy bone development. B Vitamins - B6, B12, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin are essential for converting food to energy. Vitamin A- Natural antioxidant, Helps promote healthy eyes, skin & hair. Folic Acid - Wait for normal cell growth & development.