Del Monte® Hickory Sloppy Joe Sauce 15 oz. Can

Our Garden's Best, to Brighten Your Plate. Garden Quality™ Goodness: This hearty, hickory-flavored sauce starts with plump, nutrient-rich tomatoes, grown in the fertile soils of California's Central Valley and ripened on the vine. Tasty Nutrition in Every Bite: Our tomatoes are picked at the peak of ripeness to capture the delicious flavor and essential nutrients of tomatoes freshly cooked from scratch in your home. Meals that Shine: Here's a classic that sure to be a family favorite. Just add ground beef or turkey and you're minutes away from an easy one-pan dinner--for meals as nutritious as they are tasty. Natural source of Vitamins C and Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. No artificial flavors. U.S.A. Grown Tomatoes Just Add Ground Beef or Turkey