Kretschmar Premium Deli Black Forest Ham

Kretschmar Premium Deli Black Forest Ham adds rich flavor to your deli sandwiches with a convenient deli-sliced meat that's ready to add to any recipe on your busiest days. Our gluten free ham has no MSG added to keep it simple, the way you want to feed your family. It's 97% fat free for a leaner way for your family to enjoy ham. Our Black Forest ham lunch meat comes sliced from the deli to an ideal thickness so you can spend less time in the kitchen preparing sandwiches or snacks. Add several pieces of deli sliced ham to a bakery-style bun or slider buns for quick meals, or add a piece into your grilled cheese for a hot ham and cheese sandwich option. Add legendary flavor to your breakfast menu as an easy protein to go along with eggs or to add to casseroles, omelettes or breakfast sandwiches. Keep our ham in the refrigerator to keep it fresh.