Trio Brown Gravy Mix 13.38 Oz. Bag

The hearty roast beef flavor of Trio Brown Gravy adds a distinct richness to a variety of dishes. Smother over an open faced roast beef sandwich or braised beef tips and egg noodles. Create your own gravies by using sour cream for a stroganoff, an ale or porter for a pub gravy, or cranberry preserves and lemon juice for something more seasonal. Trio products are quick to prepare, with no slurry required, giving you control over your kitchen and the dishes you make. The flavor is dependable. The quality is trustworthy. The performance is consistent. The perfect result on every plate each day, every day. Quality, consistency, and taste you can feel good about serving, with an ease you can feel good about preparing. Taste. Trust. Serve. The hearty, roasted beef flavor of this Trio Brown Gravy Mix adds a distinct richness to a variety of dishes. One minute mix. Easy to prepare-every time in no time-3 simple steps: Open - Pour - Stir. "Made from scratch” taste and texture. Use “as is” or easily customized for signature dishes. Steam table stability (4 hour holding). Easy to store, long shelf life. Excellent quality and fresh, natural taste with 0g Trans Fat or Saturated Fat per serving. Low Fat & Low Calories per serving.; No added MSG. No added MSG other than that which naturally comes from ingredients such as yeast extract and hydrolyzed proteins.